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Welcome to PeopleXperience

Our mission is to simplify the customer experience. Helping companies to create simple, accessible and profitable experiences.

Through a simple and intuitive solution, we will help you create service strategies that really work
Flexible and custom solutions, allowing you to be unique and exclusive for your customer.
Our public content is produced by professionals who are working and making a difference in large companies. So you can learn from the best.
Our platform was developed thinking about enabling collaboration between professionals. You can take advantage of ideas and examples that are already in place on other companies.
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Why PeopleXperience is different?

You can create your service strategy, through our solution, for free. In addition, you will have access to dozens of videos with cases and details on how to improve the customer experience
Our team is available to help you create the best journeys for your customers. Need a new feature? Talk to us and we will work to make it a reality

Everything you need, in a single place

Customer journey map
Being able to create a new strategy and a clear view of all interactions with your customer. Review what can be improved and add more points to definitely win your customer
Free access
No matter how big your company are, you will count with our help. The main features for mapping are free, you will only pay for advanced integrations with other systems.
Professional Consultants
Our consultants are available to help you on this journey. We have several articles and videos that will guide you in this challenge, implementing the best practices in your company.