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PeopleXperience is a platform created by experts who understand that Customer Experience is essential for any business. Learn more in the video below.

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add life to your maps, track how customers engage with their journeys, and provide relevant information to everyone who interacts with customers.

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At PeopleXperience you have a team of professionals working in the market who will enter your company to understand each essential point for the preparation of a functional plan. That's why our consultants focus on four key steps for a successful plan. Understand, Connect, Anticipate and Surprise.

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Check out videos of our experts on Customer Experience, sharing success stories and analyzing the most famous cases in the market. All this is free and you can access it as often and wherever you want to improve your knowledge.

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How much

Switch to a more resourceful plan and create even more efficient journeys.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Creation of personas
  • Compartilhamento limitado
  • Basic export to PDF
  • Creating and using Templates
  • Email support
  • Support: Responses within 4 business days

R$ 189
per year

  • All of the Experience version items
  • Export to PDF with full editing
  • Compartilhamento ilimitado
  • Banco de imagens
  • Advanced Task Mode (coming soon)
  • Email support
  • Support: Responses within 2 business days

R$ 359
per year

  • All Expert Version Items
  • API para integração
  • Corporate Directory
  • Histórico e controle de edição
  • Clear doubts with CX experts
  • Support by email and WhatsApp
  • Support: Responses within 1 business day

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